Small town, big dreams: Akash is the limit for this Balrampur boy

Akash Mishra received a maiden call-up to the national camp, at the age of just 19

When Akash Mishra used to go to play in the neighbourhood ground, most of the kids used to have either a bat in their hand or a ball. But he soon realised that cricket was not his calling and chose a different sport.

Hailing from the small town of Balrampur near Lucknow, choosing the beautiful game as a career was not exactly greeted with enthusiasm. But his talent and hard work made everyone change their tune and now more and more kids are realising the potential of the sport.

“I used to play cricket just like everyone else but when the entire town and country in fact play that sport, it can become a bit crowded. Then I saw my cousin brother play football and I developed a liking for it. As my enjoyment increased, I started bunking my tuition and that did create a problem,” the left-back reminisced.

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