Lockdown Diaries: Sahil Panwar

Long Walks and Stories with Grandma

It’s summer now, and with the sun rising early in Dehradun, my day begins at 6 am with a great sight. Although the place is set on the hills, my house falls in a flatter region which means my Grandmother gets to join me, rather I join her on the morning walks!

She’s quite punctual, and being a footballer, I’ve managed to respect that quality as well. Our walk down the main street is filled with stories we both share. These are some moments you always cherish for life.

We return home after a bit and an early breakfast is followed by some stretching and TV, before we gather for lunch. I stay with my parents, my grandmother and an elder sister, who is also a footballer. I’ve begun contributing in the kitchen more than ever and I guess, any skill you pick up is helpful in the long run.

Afternoons are generally to relax and after some football discussion with my sister, we gather around for a quick game of badminton. I took up sport and more so football because of my father. He has been an athlete himself and the competitiveness within him never fades away. So, I must say that our games do have a lot of energy and aggression.

Our club has sent in a detailed work out plan for us during this offseason, and while it seems that the current situation will continue, it’s vital that we keep ourselves in good shape ready for the preseason. While I haven’t been able to go out to the fields and train, the rooftop always helps. I hope that working on the plan and the walks that we take will help in keeping my physical condition in check.

We have a family dinner in the night and once again it’s followed by a walk down the hills. This time, Dad joins us. The mind is a powerful tool and the chilly breeze helps relax the mind as it’s surrounded by a lot. I can’t reiterate how beneficial these walks are. You come back feeling relaxed and good, and the sleep that follows makes you feel content. I’ve always read that a good night’s sleep is essential for good health, and I must say there’s no better way to put it.

By Sahil Panwar

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