Varun Tripuraneni shares his wishlist for life after the pandemic

MoneyControl’s ‘If Covid Vanished’ Series

Hyderabad is an important meeting point of sports, technology, and business. Varun Tripuraneni, co-owner of the Indian Super League club Hyderabad FC, stands at a similar intersection in his profession.

Currently, if there is anything Varun would like to kick, it would be the Covid virus. Here is a conversation with him on his wishlist in a post-pandemic world.

If Covid went away or became manageable, which city would you like to travel to first and why?

I love beach destinations, so Iโ€™d say Maldives. I did my first dive course there and am looking forward to doing some dives again.

Which famous stranger would you like to invite home and talk to, and why?

Sir Alex Ferguson. Iโ€™d like to understand and learn from one of the best ever leaders of our generation โ€“ about getting the best out of people, longevity, winning mentality and the way to deal with challenging situations.

The other is the Dalai Lama, so that one can learn from his teachings of leading by example, with optimism, happiness and compassion for all living things.

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