Falling in Love with Hyderabad!

A UP lad’s dream, coming true in our city

You know how it is…

Once you get a taste of Hyderabad, you’ll always want more.

And the latest junkie now addicted to this magical land is the Balrampur boy Akash Mishra. The 20-year-old has already etched his name in the history of this city but he is not done yet.

A player with his quality is always wanted by everyone in the country but Mishra wants more of the charm of Hyderabad and its people. He decided that his colours were Yellow and Black, and signed a new three-year deal with the club, and for him, signing this contract extension was an ‘easy decision.

“It has been two years since I joined this club and everyone here has played a huge role in what I am now. In these two years, we’ve been through a lot as a group and finally became Champions. I have an emotional attachment to the club and the city now and I didn’t have to think much about signing the extension”
– Akash Mishra



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A complete full-back, Mishra registered two goals and three assists in the recent Indian Super League season. By the end of the season, Mishra was leading in key metrics for Hyderabad like touches, tackles, passes, and also made more interceptions than any other player in the 2021-22 campaign, all in a season he started playing in his teenage.

However, Mishra credits most of this to his hard work and the coaching of the gaffer.

“Coach Manolo is a very important figure to me. Anyone who has played for him will tell you how good he is on and off the field. I have been learning under him for two years now and he has played a big role in my career. I have learnt a lot from him and hope to continue improving under him for years to come.”
– Akash Mishra


As much as the club and the boss made the decision easier, the most important role was always going to be that of the fans.

The ISL, for two years now, has been played in just three stadiums, one state and in a bio-secure bubble, which meant social media was the only bridge between the players and the fans.

And in the two years, Mishra has experienced the Hyderabadi love, aplenty…

“As a club and as players, fans are very important for us and for football. In the bubble, the support we got from the fans, even on bad days was what kept us going at times. But the ISL is back to normal now and I can’t wait to for the start of the new season,” said the 20-year-old.


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Mishra joined Hyderabad back in 2020 and has since played the most minutes in Yellow and Black. But thanks to a pandemic, he is yet to hear the roar of Gachibowli.

However, with things getting back to normal, the GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium is gearing up to host the Champions of India in the 2022-23 ISL season. The fans will be back, the flags, the banners, the pyros, and football will be back to how it was supposed to be.

The Hyderabad FC fans did make themselves heard in the final at Fatorda and did see the lads lift the trophy, but home feels different! Mishra liked what he saw and urges the HFC faithful to raise the roof at Gachibowli.

“Football, in empty stadiums, feels incomplete. Winning hardly feels the same without fans. But we will be back home at Gachibowli for the next season and we need you to show us the same support you have been showing us on social media, but this time, in the stadium. When you are cheering us on, we promise to give our 100% and never disappoint you.”
– Akash Mishra


But wait, this was not all that made him put pen to paper…

We made sure he got a taste of the city before he actually signed the contract extension.

From the lanes of the Old City at sunrise to the breezy gardens and spicy breakfasts at Necklace Road, it was a small teaser of our life here in Hyderabad.


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But did this teaser really help?

“I am from Uttar Pradesh and I love the heritage and culture visible in the central parts of cities like Hyderabad and Lucknow. When I visited the Charminar and had a chance to walk around, the environment made me feel close to home.”
– Akash Mishra


The 20-year-old is one of us till 2025 and we’re sure he’ll have turned into a true Hyderabadi by then…

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