The Katti-effect

Laxmikant Kattimani looks forward to the start of the next season

It is a striker’s game!

Goals are what count but there is always someone making it harder to score…

And last season, we had a wall in front of our goal, quite literally!

Laxmikant Kattimani and his fairytale story has already been told. From heartbreak to elation, all at the same goal post at Fatorda, but years apart, it’s a story that is set to continue in Yellow and Black!

Katti bhai, like each and every member of the squad, is now a hero for Hyderabad. They helped make the dream come true for many a football fanatic from the city. They helped make Hyderabad the Champions of India after a long wait and it means a lot for us Hyderabadis.

But it meant just as much to Kattimani himself, who still has tales to talk about that night at Fatorda.

“ I think it was definitely one of the best moments of my career because 7 years ago I played a final on that same ground and lost in the dying moments. I’ve had to really fight and work incredibly hard to come back and to do it in that way was very special for me”
– Laxmikant Kattimani


He now has a gold medal to his name but like most Goans, he is already ready for more.

It is not long before the players assemble for pre-season and though it means a lot of hard work, it also means that we will get back with our family. We did it together and we will do it together, again.

This has been the biggest strength of this club and Katti bhai is quick to repeat the same. “As I’ve said before, we have an incredible group of foreigners, Indians and coaching and non-coaching staff. We see it as our second family, and it’s an incredible atmosphere we have at the club,” he said.

But Kattimani has his own influence on building this bond. The 33-year-old was with the club when it finished bottom, and chances were hard to come by. But Manolo Marquez knew he had one of the most trust-worthy keepers in the league with him.

Kattimani clawed his way back to the top and is a player everyone in the squad looks up to. He is a leader and he is happy to take up that responsibility and says it helps improve his game.

“Being one of the most experienced players in the team I try to help the younger players and really guide them to work hard and to improve every day. I think it helps because when you have that added responsibility you have to be a role model and set an example yourself”
– Laxmikant Kattimani


This spirit is what made him a fan favourite long before he became a hero at Hyderabad. Kattimani was solid in the 2020-21 Indian Super League campaign, where he registered six clean sheets and was one of the players of the season for Hyderabad.

And Katti bhai loves Hyderabad and parties we throw at the Gachibowli Stadium, just as much.

With COVID ruining the last two seasons for the fans, we have all missed the noise at Gachibowli. And Katti bhai hopes that it will be even better when the Champions are on show in the city…

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t experience the fans and the noise in the last two seasons, but I remember the first season the atmosphere at Gachibowli was amazing and I’m hoping for it to be even better this year as we are Champions. We’ve really missed all the fans,” he said.

If having the tag of Champions was not going to be enough, Kattimani also promises the fans to put on a show every time we are out on the field next season.

“What you can expect from us, not just in games but in training too, is 110% every time, from every player. And then this collectively has an impact on the team and our results. I believe we will do everything we can to have an even better season this time!”
– Laxmikant Kattimani

And he is here with us till 2024!

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