It’s more about staying healthy and getting fit: Conor Nestor

Coach Conor speaks after first training session

Hyderabad: The 2023-24 season at Hyderabad FC has begun as the new-look squad at the club has gotten together for the start of pre-season training at the club’s training facilities in Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad.

First Team Coach Conor Nestor, Head Coach Thangboi Singto and Assistant Coach Shameel Chembakath were in charge of the training sessions with most of the players in attendance.

After the session, Coach Connor had a few words to share

On getting back to the field after a break…

It feels great to be back. For me, it’s the middle of April, the last time I was on the grass so I missed it a lot. We had a lovely welcome today from all the players and staff. About the session, the players did very well. It was a very intense session and for the first day they did extremely well.

On the team getting together…

I guess everybody’s new to me because I’m new also, so it was good to meet in the flesh, the faces that I’ve watched so much on vide. So, it was great to see them all together in one place. In terms of how will they do, of course, when it’s new players, you need time to gel together. But if the first session is anything to go on, I think they will gel together really quickly.

On the staff and facilities at Hyderabad FC…

No, I always think as a coach, your job and the club’s job is to create a no-excuse mentality for the players. So I think when you come here in these facilities with our staff, it’s that kind of an environment that the club has created where there are no excuses for the players. They just come and do their work and it’s a great environment to be in.

On the plan for pre-season…

Well, I think in preseason, and every coach will say the same, the main part of the plan is to come through with everybody healthy. The second part of the plan is to be as fit as possible. And then number three for me would be that we start to see over time what the playing style will look like. So, you may notice in those first three games, the results may not be there. We’ll just have a week of preparation, so it’s more about the performances, staying healthy and getting fit.

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